History of Balsillie Fruit Farm
We began growing fruit near Harrow in 1984. Our first farm produced mostly peaches, with some apples and plums. We expanded our product line into apricots, nectarines, pears, sweet cherries and raspberries over the next few years.

In 1990, we purchased an additional 15 acre parcel to establish a high density apple orchard. After tiling, planting trees & stakes and establishing sod , our Dolson Road orchard is now into full production of high quality fruit. We are currently leasing another apple orchard that is on an earlier site away from the lake.

As the original plantings on our home farm began to age, we have been renewing orchards and changing our product mix. Now our main crop is apples for both the wholesale and retail markets. We are producing all the other fruit geared to our retail market, trying to provide quality fruit over a long season at our roadside wagon.

We are still looking for crops to grow that will fill market niches profitably, so have expanded into strawberries grown in plasticulture, and greenhouse strawberry and raspberry production. Growing fruit at Balsillie's means always trying something new!

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